End User Third Party School Assessment

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100 % progress so far

Started Date:July 24 2015 Completed Date:May 30 2016

End User Third Party School Assessment

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M & E Study


A short term project to monitor the activities of UNICEF interventions in the earthquake-affected districts to help UNICEF perform better with regular feedback and improvements in the programmes.

This project aimed to monitor the effectiveness of UNICEF humanitarian response of 7 major components: Health, WASH, Nutrition, Education, Cash transfer, Child Protection, Communication 4 Development (C4D) in the affected districts and to provide feedback for improvements in the programmes.


  • Verify monitoring and progress (including the 4W matrix for clusters) of the UNICEF implementing partners
  • Assess the quality of services as per the agreed standards
  • Identify gaps in the delivery of services (including supplies)
  • Identify any emerging issues related to the affected population which need urgent attention by UNICEF