Improving Access to Diabetes Care

Project Progress :

100 % progress so far

Started Date:May 01 2016 Completed Date:February 01 2019

Improving Access to Diabetes Care

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While the problem of NCDs, particularly the diabetes is increasing rapidly, very little capacity or almost no services are available at the primary health care levels in Nepal to address the issues of diabetes. The primary health care providers are not yet trained to address diabetes related issues. The problem of diabetes and NCDs risk factors is supposed to increase in earthquake affected districts, as these districts are likely to lack attention for NCDs prevention efforts. Further, the people of these districts are likely to practice unhealthier behavior (to cope with ongoing problems that were brought by the recent earthquake). These all factors are expected to play crucial roles in increasing the problem of diabetes and other NCDs in these districts. Therefore, we propose to conduct this project to address these issues leading to the improvement of diabetes care at primary health care levels in selected earthquake affected districts of Nepal.

In our best knowledge, this is a first project designed to improve access of diabetes care in selected earthquake affected districts of Nepal. Two districts Dhading and Nuwakot in province 3 are the project sites. These districts were selected based upon the increasing problem of diabetes and other NCDs risks factors in people living in these. This project has opted utilizing novel program implementation approach having partnership between the non-governmental organizations and Ministry of Health in the country. The intervention approaches were leveraged with the current government health infrastructure.

Project Aim:

The project aims to improve access to diabetes care through awareness and early detection of Diabetes.

Project Objectives:

  1. Develop capacity of health workers on diabetes detection, prevention and management
  2. Develop health promotional materials for improving healthy lifestyle of those attending health facilities and school children
  3. Sensitization on diabetes prevention and management at the policy/health managers level
  4. Increase awareness on diabetes prevention, healthy lifestyle, and health behavior change
  5. Disseminate diabetes prevention and control messages to media people
  6. Organize school health education sessions to improve healthy behavior and awareness on diabetes

Project focal person and team members

Project focal person is Ms. Shophika Regmi  

Key project activities

Major Focus


Capacity building

  1. Provide management training to health workers in Diabetes screening, detection and management
  2. Provide orientation to media persons about diabetes prevention and management
  3. Provide orientation to school teachers about diabetes prevention and control

Service Delivery

  1. Strengthen health facilities to carter diabetes screening program
  2. Supply of diagnostics (glucometer)
  3. Screening people at risk of diabetes
  4. Developing a referral mechanism to higher center

Awareness enhancement

  1. Conduct mass media campaign
  2. Conduct school health programs


  1. Conduct partners meeting
  2. Conduct stakeholders meeting and policy dialogue
  3. Educate general population on diabetes prevention and control

Materials and development

  1. Design and produce diabetes handbook
  2. Design and produce health promotional materials (IEC materials and posters)